Cycling to work

There has been a revolution in the number of people cycling to work in the North East over the past few years. The benefits of riding into work rather than using public transport are numerous, the most obvious being the cost-saving and health benefits.

Why not check out the North East's cycle routes below



Cycle Networks

Bike parking

Bike parking is offered on the following sites:

RVI, Freeman, Regent Point & Centre for Ageing & Vitality

Please contact the Transport department for more information on access to bike lockers.

 Tel: 0191 2231353

Savings tree

Bike clubs

If you're just starting out as a new cyclist why not have a look on the 'Join a Club' link where you can obtain information regarding friendly local rides led by experienced ride leaders and big city rides to inspire your whole family, with the aim of helping you discover your world on two wheels.

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