Financial Support

At Newcastle Hospitals, we know that financial worries can affect anyone.  To help we have a number of ways that our staff can access financial support. 

Scroll down for more information on Wagestream, Moneywise Credit Union, and Helping Hands or click here for useful resources and links.  


Wagestream is a financial planning app that gives you control over your pay.  

The Trust continues to provide instant access to pay via a free app, provided by ‘Wagestream’.  This money is not a loan, but pay that staff have earned and the app enables you to access up to 30% of your substantive wages as they are earned.

However, currently there is a charge per transaction of £1.95.

This will enable you to access pay early for additional hours worked without waiting for the monthly pay run.

What you can do with Wagestream?

  • Track your earnings in real-time.
  • Access up to 30% of your earnings instantly.  
  • Save from your wages automatically into a saving pot

How to sign up

Download Wagestream from the app store or google play store here then enter your email and follow the instructions.

Want to find out more?

You can find out more information about Wagestream here or you can read the FAQ's

Should you wish to talk to someone about Wagestream you can email [email protected]

FAQ's Saving Pot FAQ


Join Moneywise Credit Union’s NUTH NHS Payroll Savings and Loans scheme and get an introductory bonus of £25.00 Limited Offer! - Click here for more details

What is moneywise credit union?
Moneywise are a saving and loan co-operative where members save regularly and can take out loans at a low interest rates. Owned and run by its members, moneywise is non-profit making with any surplus being returned to its members as a dividend. The amount of dividend is decided by the members at the AGM, which is held each February.

Moneywise offer a range of loans designed to suit your own circumstances based on method of repayment and your disposable income, so whether you are in employment or receipt of benefits we will always consider you as an individual. 

Did you know:

  • Almost half of British workers are struggling with their finances
  • 9.45 million of UK households have no savings at all
  • Average debt per UK household is over £30,000
  • 1 in 6 UK adults are over indebted (8.3 million people)
  • Social cost of problem debt to the UK economy directly related to absenteeism, lower productivity or loss of employment is £2.3 BILLION
  • Staff absence for mental health issues have doubled in 4 years (and still rising)
  • Employees in debt are highly likely to report stress and mental health problems

To help you and your colleagues, Tees and Moneywise Credit Union and Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals offer you as an employee access to our safe payroll savings and affordable loan scheme. Its easy to save or borrow as our forms are all online, payments are easy as they are deducted direct from your pay:


To save, join here:

Already a member – apply for a loan here: members loan application

Not in the scheme yet but want an instant loan - apply here: loan application

Click here to find out more about Moneywise 

Click here to apply for a New Members Loan Application

Click here for a Membership Loan Application

To look into Saving and Joining click here

For further information regarding moneywise please click the following link

Helping Hands

The Newcastle Hospitals Charity has awarded Citizens Advice Gateshead a grant to provide a direct access to social welfare advice service to the staff of Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust staff. This service is being piloted through the hospital's commitment to staff welfare and is free, impartial and confidential.

If you would like to talk to a Social Welfare Adviser this service can be accessed through the Hospital Chaplaincy.

You can also call direct on 0191 814 4215 or email [email protected]

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