Pensions Advice Scheme

Pension Advice Scheme

The Pension Advice scheme allows you to sacrifice salary over 12 months, in exchange for up to £500 of pension guidance and advice.

The process is straightforward.  Complete the attached application below, and return it to us by email to [email protected] along with providing your chosen advisors details and invoice.  We will then contact your provider to make the arrangement to pay your requested amount.  Payroll deductions will then start the following month allowing you to make the savings.

Benefits of the scheme

  • Monthly Salary Sacrifice payments are spread over 12 months to make this an affordable way to access pensions advice.

How it works

The Pensions Advice Scheme gives you the opportunity to afford pensions advice by sacrificing a portion of your salary.  

The Trust must carry out a few checks to make sure that you are eligible for the scheme, such as being a permanent member of staff and ensuring that you will not be dropped below minimum wage.

Please read the attached guide before applying for the scheme.  

Application Process Guide for Staff Pension Calculator

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Potential annual loss of pension in retirement due to salary sacrifice and pension contributions.

* See our guide for full terms and conditions

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