LGBT Staff Network

Are you interested in  influencing change, promoting good practice, sharing experiences  and/or making new friends.  If the answer is yes to anyone of the above you should consider becoming  a member of the staff network.    The network enables LGBT staff to come together, share information, support and ensure we maintain a comfortable and fully inclusive environment within the Trust.  Interested? Then have a look at our staff leaflet or click here to become a member.

Membership is open to all staff, the staff network also promotes membership to those staff who may not themselves identify as LGBT but have an interest in LGBT equality

Inclusive Benefits

The Trust is committed to ensuring that all of its benefits and policies and procedures are inclusive and fair for all members of staff.  

The Trust offers a range of benefits for staff to promote a healthy work-life balance, the following benefits are fully inclusive to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender staff.

Click to view the following policies and procedures on the following:

Maternity leave & pay, Maternity support leave & pay, Adoption leave & pay and flexible working.

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LGBT Staff Network

Meet the committee

Odeth Richardson

Chair, BME Staff Network

Cheryl Gascoigne

Chair, Disability Staff Network

Mark Ellerby-Hedley

Chair, LGBT Staff Network