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What is moneywise credit union?
Moneywise are a saving and loan co-operative where members save regularly and can take out loans at a low interest rates.Owned and run by its members, moneywise is non-profit making with any surplus being returned to its members as a dividend. The amount of dividend is decided by the members at the AGM, which is held each February.

Moneywise offer a range of loans designed to suit your own circumstances based on method of repayment and your disposable income, so whether you are in employment or receipt of benefits we will always consider you as an individual. 

Did you know:

To help you and your colleagues, Tees and Moneywise Credit Union and Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals offer you as an employee access to our safe payroll savings and affordable loan scheme. Its easy to save or borrow as our forms are all online, payments are easy as they are deducted direct from your pay:


To save, join here:

Already a member – apply for a loan here: members loan application

Not in the scheme yet but want an instant loan - apply here: loan application


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187-189 Sheilds Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

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