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Further to our ongoing updates regarding the roll out of the new Tax-Free Childcare Scheme (TFC) we wish to confirm that the Childcare Voucher Scheme (ESC) closed to new joiners on the 4th October 2018.

Any employees looking for support with their childcare costs will now need to join the TFC scheme.  Further information and a calculator, to help parents understand what government help they might be entitled to, can be found on the Childcare Choices website -

How it works

Childcare Vouchers give you the opportunity to sacrifice a proportion of your salary in return for vouchers that can be used to pay for nursery fees, child minders or breakfast & after school clubs.  The vouchers can even be used on some summer holiday activities and with OFSTED registered tutors.  Vouchers can be issued to you via an online account, which can be set up to pay your provider directly or allow you to manage payments. A paper voucher is also available.

*There can be implications for taking family friendly leave (including maternity, adoption, shared parental leave)  in a salary sacrifice scheme. These implications can include: effect on calculation of pay; and eligibility to remain in the scheme during such leave when in reduced pay and/or on unpaid leave. 

Benefits of the scheme


  • You can have up to £243 of vouchers each month.
  • You will save on the amount of salary exchanged as vouchers are exempt from Tax and NI contribution.
  • Easy online account which you can manage yourself.
  • Options to alter your voucher amount if your circumstances change.

Childcare Choices

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Or view download for information on existing Childcare Vouchers 

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