Car Benefit Scheme

How it works

The Car Benefit Scheme gives you the opportunity to drive a car of your choice by sacrificing a portion of your salary.  You can choose the car, the specifications, even the colour and Tusker CPC Drive do the rest.  The Trust have to carry out a few checks to make sure that you are eligible for the scheme, such as being a permanent member of staff and ensuring that you will not be dropped below minimum wage, then in a couple of months you can have a brand new car!  



Benefits of the scheme


• Worry-free motoring by driving away a brand new car at a fixed monthly cost

• Average saving of £70 per month through Tax, NI and pension (if applicable)

• A new car typically every three years

• Fixed-cost, fully comprehensive motor insurance

• One call number for all your vehicle needs

• Protection against some of life’s unexpected events

How to apply

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  2. Select 'Create My Account'
  3. Enter your company code NUTH
  4. Enter your Unique Employee Identifier (your eight digit assignment/payroll number)
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