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*Closed until March 2018*

Hobbarts are one of Tyneside's best kept secrets. We are the #1 bicycle servicing, repair and cycle training company that provide unique affordable low cost solutions for today`s cyclists, designed specifically to encourage the continuity, competency anddevelopment of community mobility in Tyneside

Hobbarts services are designed to motivate and inspire the people of Tyneside the chance to take part in safer cycling. Our overall ambition is to increase the number of people cycling on a regularly basis and to enhance the overall impact of cycling to Tyneside, which directly improves people’s lives. The formula is a simple one - To  reconnect you and your bicycle like never before

Our  former Professional Cycling Team mechanic has a strict code and a unique talent for clinically eliminating problems. Global industry trained to the highest standards, he is laser focused on bicycle planned preventive and reactive maintenance [PPRM], he changes the world one bike at a time, it’s the underlying inspirational reason for his existence

Contact Hobbarts on 0191 660 1622 or visit www.hobbarts.com



Gibson House
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE13 7BA


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