You can now take advantage of a scheme which helps you to get cycling!

SAVE up to 48%

How it Works

The Cycle to Work scheme is an initiative to encourage alternative travel and reduce environmental pollution.  It enables those who wish to cycle to work access to a tax-free benefit.  The scheme is a salary sacrifice scheme which means the Trust will pay for the bike and cycling equipment through a Hire Agreement you hire the bike and accessories from the Trust for 1 year making 12 monthly reductions from your salary.  

Staff who are on fixed term contracts with less than 12 months remaining at the time of applicaton should contact Staff Benefits on 20735 or by email ( before submitting their application.

Savings are made through tax, National Insurance (NI) and pension contributions (if applicable).  Please click here to see an example of how the savings are made.

You can purchase a bike and accessories up to £1000; however the Trust cannot allow your salary to go below the minimum wage so check out the online calculator at so you can determine how much you can sacrifice.

Insuring your Bike

It is your responsibility to insure the bike to protect it from loss and theft. This is a condition contained within the Hire Agreement that you sign. If your household insurance policy cannot be used to cover the insurance on your bike, you can obtain a 10% discount on insurance policies at or shop around for a policy of your choice.

How salary sacrifice affects my pension

 Please note if you pay into the NHS Pension Scheme your pension contributions will be affected. Please check the pension calculator at

What happens at the end of the 12 months?

At the end of the 12 month hire period you have the choice to either buy or return the bike, the cost is the same for both options.  A condition assessment is made on the bike and a charge of between 5% - 20%, depending on condition of the bike, is made.  We strongly recommend that you take your bike to be condition assessed.

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