The Trust provide eligible staff access to a subsidised vehicle through the Contract Business Car Lease Scheme. Authorisation for a contract car will only be given where eligibility is confirmed and is deemed the most cost effective option for the Trust. The Policy and application procedure applies to all employees and honorary consultant contract holders who have significant clinical commitments with the Trust, particularly

1. Those who the Trust require to be mobile.

2. Those the Trust considers it to be in the interests of the service to offer the contract car lease (business lease car) facility and/or it is economic for the Trust to do so the option to apply for a car which can be used for business purposes and also use for social and domestic pleasure purposes.



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The Contract Business Car Lease Scheme Policy will help you decide if you are eligible to apply.



The simple and straightforward process for applying for a car through the Contract Business Car Lease Scheme:

STEP 1: Print off an application form and complete.

STEP 2: Have your application approved by your Directorate Manager or equivalent Head of Service / Clinical Director.

STEP 3: Scan your form and email to the Contract Car Lease Scheme or post to the Transport and Facilities Department, Freeman Department (Please ensure you keep a photocopy).

STEP 4: CPC Drive will seek confirmation of eligibility and application authorisation from the Transport & Travel Advisor.

STEP 5: Once approved, CPC Drive will contact you with a username and password at which point you will be able to log-in to

At this stage you will provided with a choice of over 1700 cars and see exactly what each car will cost you per month as the Trust's annual £1,597 (£133.00 per month) annual contribution towards your car will be calculated in the price.


Please note that the provision of a Contract Business Car Lease Scheme is a benefit provided to staff who meet the requirements outlined within the Policy. Staff can compare prices by accessing the Salary Sacrifice Car Lease Scheme information by clicking here.


Please note that the Contract Business Car Lease Scheme is entirely separate and differs from the Trust's Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme. It is the responsibilty of staff to ensure that the correct application form is submitted to the Transport and Facilities Department.


Staff who qualify for a Contract Business Car Lease Scheme vehicle but unreasonably refuse the offer of a contract lease car will only be able to claim mileage at the public transport rate in accordance with the rate in the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service.

Benefits which can be accessed through the Trusts Contract Business Car Lease Scheme provider:

1. Drivers under the age of 21 can now be added as a named driver (provisional driving licences are not permitted).

2. Early Termination Insurance is included in the price - so if for any reason you change job or leave, up to £4,000 of early termination fees can be covered after the first 6 months.

3. All servicing, repairs and maintenance required due to normal wear and tear.

4. Fully comprehensive insurance cover.

5. RAC/AA or alternative cover.

6. Motoring costs can be calculated at the outset and should remain fixed for a three year period (subject to changes in road fund licence, VAT, insurance and changes to estimated mileage).