Would you like a new car and an easier life?
Life has enough worries without the added stress, and often financial burden of running and maintaining a car. Luckily TheNewcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust teamed up with CPC Drive to bring you the SalarySacrificeCar Scheme, an employee benefit which lets you drive away a brand new, fully-maintained and insured car for up to three years. You’ll get a fully-inclusive motoring package for a fixed monthly amount, so all you really need to worry about is fuel and oil.
So what does salary sacrifice mean?

Salary sacrifice is different from a standard company car scheme. With the Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme, you agree to give up part of your gross salary, due under your employment contract, in exchange for a non-cash benefit – in this case a brand new car.
The benefit here is that you’ll sacrifice the salary before your income Tax, NI and pension (if applicable) are deducted, meaning you can save an average of £70 per month on Tax, NI and pension (if applicable).
All Salary Sacrifice schemes can have an impact on your pension.  To find out more about the impact, please visit our page on Salary Sacrifice and it's impact on your pension from the menu on the left hand side. 
What are the benefits of the scheme?

• Worry-free motoring: drive away a brand new car at a fixed monthly cost
• Average saving of £70 per month through Tax, NI and pension (if applicable)
• A new car typically every three years
• Fixed-cost, fully comprehensive motor insurance
• One call number for all your vehicle needs
• Excellent fleet and public sector discounts
• Protection against some of life’s unexpected events

Access the scheme:

Click here to access our online site today and follow the easy steps below:

1. Select “Create Account
2. Enter your Company Code: NUTH
3. Enter your Unique Employee Identifier: Your 8 digit assignment number 

If you have already set up your account, just log in with your username and password.

The award-winning online site lets you effortlessly search the huge range of cars available, watch a video about the scheme, prepare quotations, read expert reviews, compare vehicles and request your new car online. Here to help

We have an Employee Engagement Team who offer support and guidance to make sure you fully understand the scheme. They can also help you choose the right car to suit your needs. You can get in touch with them through ’Live Help Online’ which is an online instant messaging service found on the driver site. Alternatively, you can also call them on
0333 400 3030 or email EETeam@ss4c.com.

For guidance on fair wear and tear of your vehicle, please click here

Winter is coming - for safer driving tips, click here!


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1. Select “Create My Account”
2. Enter your company code NUTH
3. Enter your Unique Employee Identifier (your 8 digit assignment/payroll number)